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Newsletter 29 august 2008

Leo, and Oka, Dick the rigger and Pam his wife  visit the Site

First they bring presents for the children from the jungle who have nothing to play with..
The progress in one month was unbelievable,
they where nearly on the deck line..
Because this was a holiday trip for their friends
Oka ordered all ready extra beer by telephone to the hotel,
They had a nice dinner and a band in the evening and Oka played the karaoke..
Really Fun..
Even on the way back 12 hours by car to Bandjermasin
through the deepest potholes they ever saw,
because of a heavy rain ( banjir) ,
with 4 cars completely destroyed on the side of the road ,
Leo take all the time to present a fantastic lunch underway,
good that they first enjoy it
 before they take a look in the kitchen..

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