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March 2008

News Letter 2

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Yacht Brookers Int. Bali

Today is Sunday, March the 9th, 2008.
We started the realization of our dream
energetically at the end of last December.
The financing was arranged and the Company established,
so everybody could get to work.
A final trip to Tanah Bira in South Sulawesi had to be made,
because this was the only and the last place in the world
where craftsman could build a schooner of this size.
Together with the concept drawings
we asked for a quotation of the costs.
The choice fell on Frenty Kusomo.
He had a lot of experience and gave the best price.
Further, he builds in Kalimantan, the origin of the Ulin timber;
his son had studied in America and spoke fluent English.
 In January Oka and Leo went there and it was no pleasure trip.
From Bali to Jakarta and on to Kalimantan in one day
and the next day six hours by Landrover through the deepest holes
and pits in the world to the building site.
Exhausted they arrived at the only guesthouse around
where they had one bottle of warm beer.
It was situated at the muddy river mouth
and here the miracle was supposed to happen…
The down payment was made and the workers started
to collect the timber needed; in total 300m3,
and to prepare the building site.
Yesterday the first photos arrived of the laying down of the ship,
so, as you can see, they have started.
The beam for the keel is made here by joining beams together
to a length of 30 m, a width of 30 cm and 75 cm. thick.
Altogether about 7 tons of timber…
Next week Leo will go again on the monstrous journey
to bring the full-size designs of the models.