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The Dutch former Colonies

India Malabar (Southern part of West coast India)

India,  Malabar, voc

Lured by the possibility of trade with India, the Dutch landed on the western coast. Various treaties signed in 1608 and 1610 ensured trading facilities for the Dutch. With the treaty of 1619, the Dutch joined hands with the British to eliminate competition from the Portuguese.

The Dutch were able to fortify and monopolise trade in the regions of Purakkad, Kayakulum, Quilon and Travancore by 1662. One of the most singular achievements of the Dutch contingent in India was the conquest of Cochin in 1663. The decline of the Dutch became inevitable with the unprecedented rise of Travancore under Marthanda Varma (1729-58) and the Mysore invasion. The Zamorin also succeeded in depriving the Dutch of Cochin, Cranganore, Parur and Trichur at one go. By 1759, curtains fell on the Dutch power in India.

Cranganore or Cranganor (Kodungallur) (1662) Kerala

(taken from Portugal)
Cranganore Fort, otherwise known as Kodungallur Fort, was built by the Portuguese in 1503, and was destroyed by Zamorin and Tipu sultan. Now remains only as relics.

India Malabar, Cranganore ,Cranganor , Kodungallur


Cochin de Cima (Kochi)(Pallipuram) (1661) (taken from Portugal) Kerala

Pallipuram Fort is in Ernakulam district of Kerala, south India. It was built by the Portuguese in 1503. It is the oldest existing European fort in India. In 1789 the Dutch captured the fort in 1661 and sold it to the State of Travancore. This fort is situated in the northern extremity of the Vypeen island.

Cochin, Cochin de Baixo or Santa Cruz (1663) Kerala

(taken from Portugal) Cochin (before 1663 fell below the location Ceylon) from 1663-1795, Factory with a commander. Products: the supply of pepper and cinnamon.

India Malabar, Cotchin


India Malabar, Cotchin, voc


India,  Malabar, Cotchin, voc


India,  Malabar, Cotchin, voc


Quilon (Coylan) (Kollam)(1661) (taken from Portugal) Kerala

Factory. Trade: the supply of pepper and pearls.
In 1661 the Dutch took possession of the town. The remnants of the Dutch forts can be found at Thangasseri. In the 18th century Travancore conquered Kollam, followed by the British in 1795.

India Malabar, Quilon, voc


India Malabar, Quilon, voc


India Malabar, Quilon, voc


Kayankulam, residence from approximately 1645,Kerala

Factory. Product: pepper.

Ponnani: post from 1663, residence, lodge.Kerala

Purakkad (Porca): residence, lodge. Product: pepper.Kerala

Wingurla (now Vengurla, near Goa)

Factory 1637-1693 (?). Fell from 1673-1676 under Surat and that under Batavia. Main product: pepper.

Cannanore (1663-1790)(Kannur) (taken from Portugal) Kerala

Cannanore: Factory.  1663-1790. Products: pepper and cardamom (spice)


India Malabar,


India Malabar, Cranganore ,Cranganor , Kodungallur, voc


India Malabar, Cranganore ,Cranganor , Kodungallur, voc


Kundapura (1667- ca.1682) Kayankulam (ca. 1645) Ponnani (ca. 1663)


Kundapura: residence of approximately 1667 to 1682, loge. Trade: purchase of rice.
Calicut (Kozhikode )Kerala

India Malabar, dabul, voc


India Malabar, dabul, voc


India Malabar,


India Malabar,