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The Dutch former Colonies

French Gyana

List of Settlements

Post aan de Aprowaco,
Post aan de Aprouak:
Post aan de Wacogenive rivier:
Mecoria Island:
Fort Ceperou, S. Louis,
Fort Cayenne (Cayenne):
Post aan de Wiapoco, 
Post aan de Oyapoc,
Post aan de Oiapoque (Wiapoco):

French Guiana, lying north of Brazil and east of Suriname on the northeast coast of South America, was variously settled by the Spanish, Dutch, and French. The Treaty of Breda awarded France the territory in 1667. The French used it as a penal colony between 1852 and 1939, which included the infamous Devil's Island. In 1947 it became an overseas department of France. Since then, many indigenous French Guianians have called for increased autonomy, although only around 5% favor independence from France, partly due to the vast subsidies from the French government. The European Space Center at Kourou has brought a corner of French Guiana into the modern world and attracted a sizable expatriate workforce.

French Gyana


French Gyana, Cayenne


French Gyana, Wieronje



Previous • Colombia • Venezuela • Gyana Brittisch • Suriname • Gyana French • Brazil • Chile