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Ubud building the Studio

Historical Buildings
Ubud building
Ubud renovation
Ubud Studio
Sanur  Residence Land
Sanur Residence Building
Sanur Residence Finished
Hidden Paradise Building
Hidden Paradise Finished
Villa " Allround "
My great inspiration was always from  Carlos Paez  Vilaro ,
an artist from Uruguay inspired by Gaudi.
A revolutionary building system is by using Ferro cement
very cheap in material ,
but costly  in labour
the ideal system for poor countries.
It is widely used in India and Thailand.
You need only cement ,sand , chicken wire and a lot of people...
Because  eggs have the most strongest shape that exist,
we build 3 "eggs", An entrance, a studio for me
and a bird-observatory room.
Downstairs was a  laboratory
where we did all the experiments
and a nursery for my plants...