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Bali Impressions

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The Food

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A Balinese eats rice, his whole life long, if possible..
If he hasn’t eaten rice, he has not eaten at all.
Mr.Koes, a famous photographer of works of Art, once went on a trip through Europe, visiting all the Art Museums in Paris, Rome, London, Amsterdam.
And he dined in the most expensive restaurants.
When he came home, he told me about his dream trip
and at the end he said; “How glad was I , to be able to eat a meal of real nasi goreng..

The main crops in the world, on which mankind feeds, contain starch, carbohydrates.
Those keep our engine running.
A few of these crops, men ate for hundreds of years, but the rest is only recently cultivated, like maize and potatoes in the America’s, grain and potatoes in Europeand rice – also a grain – and sago in Asia and Oceania.
These crops seem to hardly taste at all, but that is not so : all things we like so much, don’t have a dominating flavor, but are subtle.
Think of the difference between sole and plaice, between spawn and caviar..
The taste of a meal one can enhance with other ingredients and that is the secret of the Chef..
Indonesian cooking dates from before the introduction of the fridge.
So all is freshly prepared : boiled or grilled and immediately eaten, generously peppered with strong spices
to make life difficult for the nasty bacteria’s and one notices it….
Hot is “panas” and spicy is “pedas”.
And…..what a difference a word makes..!


Previous • The Rice • The Carbohydrates • The Proteins • The Coconut • The Vegetables • The Fruits • The Salt • The Sugar • The Spices