Bali Impressions

Animals in and around your house or Hotel


As you have read, most of the animals in areas where people are living
have been eaten or chased to safer places.
These safe places are in the Bali Barat National Park in the West of Bali,
the Botanical Gardens in Bedugul, and the Mangrove Reserve reaching from the south of Sanur to Tanjung Benoa on the East coast.
A long time ago, the first thing I asked my Friend Ratmaya,
when we were on our way through the jungle from Mount Batukaru was:
‘’Are you sure that there are no more tigers in Bali?’’
”Well”, he said, ‘’the big Batukaru temple is close to the top of the volcano,
but on the real top, which you can hardly
get to, there lives a very old Pedanda (priest) who only rarely comes down.
“He says that on the top of the volcano lives one very old tiger
and sometimes the Priest and the tiger meet each other
and the Priest brings him some food”.
In my book I first show you which animals are living in the Reserves
and that there are still many kinds.
Than the ones who are not scared and still survives in their natural habitat.
In the last years the protection of the animals has made progress.
About 20 years ago at the Bird Market in Denpasar there wer e still many protected animals for sale, in or behind the shops….
And if you wanted to have a very special animal, like for example a Bird of paradise, a Gibbon or an Orangutang you could simply order them!!
As far as we know, this kind of forbidden business belongs to the past.
Once there was a meeting in Bali from WWF (World Wildlife Fund).
The Prince of the Netherlands, Prince Bernhard, was one of the participants.
In the evening they went out for dinner,
and at the front door of the Restaurant they saw a small cage with a huge Orangutang inside!
Bali was upset, and the newspapers reported this story widely.

You only have to be scared of one animal: the mosquito!!!
There is no more Malaria in Bali, but there is the Dengue mosquito, which bites in the day time.
Also on the rise is the Chikungunya mosquito, whose bite gives the same symptoms as the Dengue mosquito, with less severe symptoms but for a longer period.
The only remedy:
Spray your body three times a day
with an anti repellent
which contains DEET,
because it only works for eight hours....