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Bali Impressions-Animals in and around your house or Hotel

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 Birds of Bali and where you can see them...

Ubud (Central Bali)

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Amandava amandava, Strawberry Finch, Red Avadavat Amaurornis phoenicurus , White-breasted Waterhen, Kareo Padi
a few. in the paddyfields of Campuhan.
Ardeola speciosa , Javan Pond Heron , Kokokan Bubulcus ibis , Cattle Egret , Kuntul Kerbau
fairly common. there is a colony to the north of Ubud in Petulu.
Cinnyris jugularis, Olive-backed Sunbird Cypsiurus balasiensis , Asian Palm Swift
fairly common. a few.
Halcyon cyanoventris , Javan Kingfisher , Cekakak Gunung Hirundo striolatam,  Striated Swallow:
a good site is the bridge between Ubud and Campuhan.  a few.
Lanius schach , Long-tailed Shrike , Bentet Locustella certhiola, Pallas's Grasshopper-Warbler
common.  we saw just one.
Lonchura leucogastroides , Javan Munia , Bondol Jawa Lonchura punctulata , Scaly-breasted Munia , Bondol Peking
common in the paddyfields. common in the paddyfields.
Mirafra javanica, Australasian Lark Merops-leschenaulti,Chestnut-headed Bee-eater
a few. a few flying over.
Otus bakkamoena , Collared Scops-Owl , Celepuk Reban Prinia familiaris , Bar-winged Prinia , Perenjak Jawa
a few. very common.
Pycnonotus goiavier , Yellow-vented Bulbul , Srigunting gunung Saxicola caprata , Pied Bushchat , Decu Belang
very common.  a few.
Streptopelia chinensis, , Spotted dove, Tekukur Todirhamphus chloris,  Collared Kingfisher,  Cekakak Sungai
 very common.  common

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